lazerhelmets: RT @LazerSnow: This is right up our alley…snow, fun, bikes @coppermtn will you wear @lazersnow or @lazerhelmets?

Lazer is proud to support our newest Helmeteers, the Lotto-Belisol Professional Cycling Team!

Success is already coming the new team’s way with Greg Henderson winning stage one of…

lazerhelmets: RT @AdamMyerson: Thanks! RT @CycleGirlRox: I think this is my favorite of my photos from the weekend.

Let’s hear it for 2012! Everybody say yeah!

lazerhelmets: RT @Greghenderson1: First spin in my new Lotto-Belisol kit. @lazerhelmets @Ridley_Bikes surprised if anyone can keep up with me this morning

Happy and safe New Year’s Eve to all our fans, distributors and dealers! Remember to wear your helmet and enjoy 2012!

lazerhelmets: Glad you survived to tweet about it! RT @AUBeastmaster: Found out the hard way I’m not a gravity rider. Thanks @lazerhelmets

Get out on your bike and work off some of those Christmas calories before New Year’s! Ride safe and Use Your Head!

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas today!

lazerhelmets: RT @nicknichols10: #CHA @HUBendurance #cyclocross team representing at #TN state championships.

Adjustable Rollsys Head Basket, another innovation from Lazer Sport, coming soon!

Coming soon from Lazer, Adjustable Rollsys Head Basket! « Belgian HeadCase

lazerhelmets: RT @thesuperrookie: Looks like @Lazer_Vision has solved the over/under the straps problem facing cyclists with magnets!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a wonderful and safe New Years to all the fans and supporters of Lazer! Our Helmeteers are the best and we are looking forward to a great 2012 together with you!